World Turmoil Federation is an international wrestling promotion currently working on the bebo network. World Tuermoil Federation is based on the old style 'wassin' with certain aspects of the current high-flying and harcore style. World Turmoil Federation is built around two types of superstars, the old veterans and not to mention the fresh, up-coming talent.

On April 17, 2012 World Turmoil Federation took over control of Future Bebo Wrestling and became the Board of Directors. Craig Knightly and Matt Young became the Co-Presidents.

Thursday Night BeatdownEdit

Thursday Night Beatdown is the Flag ship show produced by World Turmoil Federation and is run by the chairman, Justin Williams, Thursday Night Beatdown's inception into the company came in two thousand and ten and since has quickly become known for its fast paced, hardcore styles of wrestling. In its short existence, Beatdown has hosted some of the biggest names and matches in the company's history and contines to break records as the show grows not only in size, but in popularity.

Tuesday Night TrifectaEdit

Tuesday night Trifecta is a unique type of show never before seen in Online Wrestling, as each matchcard hosts three matches and the promo limit is three boxes. All good things come in Three's and Trifecta proves this. Whether you're new or looking for some extra competition, Trifecta is your home for all your needs.

BeboTopia IVEdit

World Turmoil Federation continues the Tradition of BeboTopia which they picked up from Championship Online Alliance and 2012 marks the 4th Annual BeboTopia Event. The Biggest Pay-Per-View lands on the date of April 10th and will feature the Sole Survivor Winner Matt Rydell going one on one with Taylor Westfall for the Universal Championship as well as the 8-man Money in The Bank Ladder Match and so much more. Anything can happen on the grandest stage of them all as champions will be crowned, winners will have their hands raised and childhood dreams will come true.